Our Activities at Present -- CoVid 19 Impact/Changes

                   Current information for CFBC:  

Each week we follow the current information on Covid-19 outbreaks and continue to see the
rising numbers, especially here in the Alleghany Highlands.  Most everyone knows of someone
who has been infected with this virulent virus or personally has battled it--and sadly we may all
know those who have lost the battle against this disease. For all of those reasons, CFBC will
remain in worship and gathering online, via Zoom.  We are thankful that in this way we can still
connect, share concerns, pray, and hear God's word.  We welcome all who would like to join
with us!  It is our prayer that everyone remain safe, and when we see it safe to once again join
in person, we will.

If you would like to join us online, just call the church office (540-862-7481) and leave a
message with your email address or email us at office@cfbaptist.com and a link will be provided
to you.  

We are praying for healing in our nation and in each other as we move through these first weeks
of 2021. Area numbers for virus-spread continue to fluctuate, rising on some days and showing
some decline on others.  We share the frustration so many feel with the unpredictable
movement of this virus and its variants.  Even so, we look to that time when we will once again
be joining in worship and gathering together to give praise give to our God and to seek His
guidance as a church family.  We trust the Lord that each day holds its measure of blessings
and challenge and that He will enable us to be thankful and ready for the days ahead, sharing
His love and grace.

When we are able to join together again for worship, remember the following guidelines:

•        We will practice social distancing at all times. If you are not in regular contact with an
individual you may see at worship, please respect a 6’ separation from that person.
•         Seating in the sanctuary is marked in such a way as to allow us to assemble together
while being considerate of the responsibilities we have for each other’s safety.
•        We will wear masks or face coverings in accordance with Virginia governmental
guidelines. This is yet another way we can honor our responsibility for each other’s  
•        We encourage frequent hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer and have placed
stations at each entrance of the church and in the sanctuary equipped with hand
sanitizer, masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes for you to use in church.

When we do meet together again, we will continue to use the following temporary arrangements:

•        We will use a limited number of doors to enter and exit the building. The rear alley
door, the door at the handicap ramp in front, and the left front door will be unlocked.
We will not use the kitchen door, the middle front door, nor the door to the educational
•        Access to all stairs and the King Memorial will be restricted.
•        Collection boxes will be located in the back and in the front of the sanctuary to receive
your tithes and offerings. We will not be passing a collection plate during Step 1.
•        When we observe communion, we will have the bread individually wrapped and the
juice in single serving containers available to be picked up as you enter the sanctuary.
•        Choir, fellowship dinners, handshakes, and hugs are also temporarily suspended.

As we travel this challenging road, know that we will continue to supply Sunday worship video,
phone tree devotions, personal telephone calls to the membership, and Sunday School via
Zoom video conferencing.

God is with us.
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                       Taking Account with Thankfulness     

"So teach us to measure our days"--this statement begins the twelfth verse in Psalm
90, and the psalmist completes that statement with the result of that action--"that we
may apply our hearts to wisdom."  As we take the time to consider the time--to really
see it for its worth, we gain the ability to apply that heartfelt understanding to wise
actions and consideration.  These days give us all a challenge as we navigate how to
be safe, be with those we love, take care of daily responsibilities, and be mindful of
how we can add to the safety of others by our actions.  We need to be wise....so we
learn to measure the days.

God's presence is evident in every day--we only need to stop and consider and learn
the value He reveals in our every moment.

As you feel God's presence and love--as you know His grade and mercy--we pray that
coming days will bring life and joy to you.

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