God is with us!
Our Activities at Present -- CoVid 19 Impact/Changes
Current information for CFBC:  Given the continuing rise in Covid-19 across in our area and
across the state and the nation, worship-in-person on Sundays has been suspended until
20th.  We hope to reopen for worship at that time, remaining diligent in wearing
masks, social distancing, and taking all precaution to keep everyone safe.  

We are still meeting on Zoom for Sunday School and will be happy to share that link.  Just
call the church office (540-862-7481) and leave a message with your email address, and a
link will be provided to you.  

We are praying for our nation and our community as we continue to deal with the concerns
and challenges of this virus.  Join us in prayer that everyone will support best practices,
wear a mask in public, and take careful steps to stay virus-free. Every action counts and
every precaution matters.

When we are able to join together again for worship, remember the following guidelines:

•        We will practice social distancing at all times. If you are not in regular contact with an
    individual you may see at worship, please respect a 6’ separation from that person.
•         Seating in the sanctuary is marked in such a way as to allow us to assemble together
    while being considerate of the responsibilities we have for each other’s safety.
•        We will wear masks or face coverings in accordance with Virginia governmental
   guidelines. This is yet another way we can honor our responsibility for each other’s  
•        We encourage frequent hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer and have placed
   stations at each entrance of the church and in the sanctuary equipped with hand
   sanitizer, masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes for you to use in church.

We continue to use the following temporary arrangements:
•        We will use a limited number of doors to enter and exit the building. The rear alley
   door, the door at the handicap ramp in front, and the left front door will be unlocked.
  We will not use the kitchen door, the middle front door, nor the door to the educational
•        Access to all stairs and the King Memorial will be restricted.
•        Collection boxes will be located in the back and in the front of the sanctuary to receive
   your tithes and offerings. We will not be passing a collection plate during Step 1.
•        When we observe communion, we will have the bread individually wrapped and the
   juice in single serving containers available to be picked up as you enter the sanctuary.
•        Choir, fellowship dinners, handshakes, and hugs are also temporarily suspended.

As we travel this challenging road, know that we will continue to supply Sunday worship
video, phone tree devotions, personal telephone calls to the membership, and Sunday
School via Zoom video conferencing.

God is with us.
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Thoughts and Encouragement

When Elijah was searching for God in the midst of his wilderness struggle
(see I KIngs 19: 11-12), he did not find God in the gust of the storm or the shaking of
the earthquake. As things around him swirled in chaos, he listened to God's voice that
was a still, small voice. This passage has always reminded me of
Psalm 46:10--the
moment when God says to the psalmist, "Be still and know that I am God..."  We
cannot hear God's direction in the midst of a storm or in turbulence that surrounds our
lives at times.  We have to be still and be focused to return to that knowing that is in us
as a child of God.  We have to be still....and then we will be able to know God is and is
with us.  

As these days of so much concern continue to challenge us, what God has promised
us is that in our faith in Him and in our willingness to stop, be still, and listen, He will
provide direction, comfort, and help.  Take time to be still, to read His word, and to
hear that still, small voice.  

This week, take time to reach out to someone (and her/his family) who may be facing
a Covid-19 diagnosis. Let them know you are praying for them.  Offer what help you
can.  Reach out to a church member who may be staying in because of concerns for
being exposed to Covid-19.  Encourage each other and share a little time of
thankfulness together.  Take time to be still and to rest in the hope we have in Christ
and in the loving presence we especially celebrate this time of year.

God is with us--He always has been and always will be.  Rest in that truth and in His

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